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A last resort 

Say you did not use protection (condoms or PrEP, or the condom broke) and you are not sure whether your partner is HIV-negative or undetectable. Or perhaps you got pricked by a used needle during Chemsex. Your last resort for staying HIV-negative can be PEP (short for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis). It involves treatment with HIV medication/drugs.


PEP is a treatment that lasts 4 weeks and reduces the risks of the HIV virus infiltrating the body. The sooner you start PEP, the greater the chance of staying HIV-negative. The treatment should start as soon as possible and always within 72 hours. PEP is available at your local GGD during the week or the hospital Emergency room on weekends.


Learn more about how you can get PEP here.

You are in a monogamous relationship, so you and your boyfriend don’t have other sex-partners. 

Get yourself vaccinated against Hepatitis A & B. These are very serious infectious viruses which are easy to prevent by vaccination.

By using a condom you are always in charge of your own protection without depending on anyone else.

Undetectable = Untransmittable.
If you have HIV and are on effective treatment and achieved an undetectable viral load for 6 months it cannot be passed on.

PrEP can give you extra protection from getting HIV. It is a pill you take daily or just before / after sex and can lower the risk of getting HIV by over 90%. 

PEP is a last resort HIV prevention strategy that can be used after being exposed to the virus to reduce the risk of becoming infected. 

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